Hello, Lovely Mama

I'm Chantel Paulsen, a Balance Guru and Success Coach.

And I already know one thing about you: You want to have it all. You want meaningful work and relationships. You want to parent like those Pinterest moms make it look. You want to feel like a babe who is fit & confident. You want to have your finances in check. Oh, and admist all that, you want time for YOU. And you want to know where that time is magically going to appear from. You can have it all, Mama, and be happier and more centered than that yogi next door (my clients and I are living proof!).


It's time to balance all life's spinning plates with grace. 

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Working moms deserve balance in all areas of life. Peace, health, and happiness is 100% possible. All children should have STRONG, empowered, confident women as their role models. 

Kiddos deserve to grow up knowing that they CREATE the lives they want. 

I make systems that are transformative. They have simple choices that will empower you to build healthy habits.


"It was easy for me to share with her my biggest fears and struggles that I’ve dealt with over the years as a woman in the workplace (both personally and professionally.) I find that unique about her. People like Chantel don’t “just happen.” She has a natural ability to not only help people but change people — further inspiring them to do great things and consider new possibilities in life."

Hailee Ngu
B2B Sales

"Chantel has helped me find my voice and take more control in my life. I am a busy working mom of three trying to chase my dreams. I have always been a goal SETTER but Chantel has helped me become a goal GETTER. "

Niccole Randle
AP/AR Manager

"Chantel has helped me find SO MUCH clarity in my life, especially when it comes to relationships. She provides such a straight-forward yet empathetic approach to her coaching which always makes me feel heard and understood as well as excited to take action. Whenever I’ve felt stuck or unsure of how to handle a situation, Chantel is there to show me new possibilities. "

Jasmine Shea
CEO, Your Dinner is Planned

"When I went to Chantel, I felt extremely uncertain as to what I was supposed to do, what opportunities were out there, where to start, what to expect, how to excel, and how to utilize my skills appropriately. She helped me all the way from A to Z, plus everything in between and more! My confidence levels have increased tenfold. She inspired me to step out of my comfort zone multiple times, mentally, personally, professionally (even spiritually)."

Hailee Ngu
B2B Sales

" I can see myself now from a higher perspective, whereas before, I had several dormant potentials that I was unable to fully recognize. She helped me identify and break down barriers, limitations, and beliefs about myself that I didn’t even realize I had at the time. It was a very eye-opening and transformative experience for me."

Hailee Ngu
B2B Sales

"I used to look at the situation I was in as such a struggle (e.g. being a mom, a breadwinner, a full-time student, and so much more). However, now I see my 'situation' much differently. From day 1, she pointed out that what makes us whole is finding meaning in the things we do. For instance, she felt my hobbies were just as important as my career aspirations, and so on, and that I needed to find happiness in all of these different pieces in order to feel whole."

Hailee Ngu
B2B Sales

"Because of the clarity and coaching Chantel has given me, I’ve avoided reacting to situations purely with emotions. Instead, she gives me the confidence to communicate and make effective decisions. I can say with confidence that I am more confident because of Chantel!"

Jasmine Shea
CEO, My Dinner is Planned

"From an outside perspective, she could see ‘me’ better than I could see myself. After tackling some of those lacking areas, I went from trying to ‘juggle’ everything at once, to appreciating and enjoying each area of my life so much more. I was successful when I started with Chantel (in part), but now I’m even more successful, accomplished, and happy (in truth)."

Hailee Ngu
B2B Sales

Let's Create Your Own Balanced Life

Ready to balance your life and feel like you're finally on top of things? Dreaming about going to the next level in every way -- health, finances, relationships, parenting? I'm here to help with your goals. I have a coaching program that will teach you step-by-step how to get out of your rut and into FLOW. You don't have to do this alone!

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"Chantelly Co. is the REAL DEAL! I'm impressed with their premier support system designed to take the guesswork out of finding balance. I love how their coaching process cuts through all the chaos to inject confidence into everyday life. Cheers!"

Doug Castillo
President, Leadership Integration Simplified

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